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Current Issues

Ask any teacher and she or he will tell you that too much valuable learning time is lost to standardized test prep. Giving our students the education they deserve requires rethinking our current system of assessment. Good education inspires students’ natural curiosity & supports their desire to learn.

Standardized Testing in Oregon

The new, unproven standardized test — the Smarter Balanced assessment — is costing Oregon taxpayers millions with no evidence that it is an effective tool for student learning. Instead of spending precious education dollars on another standardized test, we should be investing in the schools our students deserve. That means smaller class sizes and access to art, music, P.E., and other valuable programs, such as vocational training.

Teachers and parents need to be more involved in driving education policy to ensure students have high-quality learning conditions. Currently students and teachers are not being given the time, tools, resources, or support to allow them to successfully transition to the Common Core State Standards.

Oregon Educators Have a Better Way

We need to develop a system of assessment guided by those closest to the classroom — professional educators, parents, and local school officials — not one driven by corporate interests. Teachers, students, and our schools must have the resources and funding necessary to ensure a high-quality learning environment for every child in Oregon.

A package of policy proposals aimed at achieving our goals will be introduced during the upcoming legislative session. A group of educators are working closely with the Governor’s office, our Chief Education Officer, and the Oregon Department of Education to design a new system of assessment — a better way to measure and support student learning.

Engage and Be Heard

Shaping the classroom experience starts with engaging parents and community in the conversation about how we invest in Oregon schools.

Stay informed and get involved. Oregon students depend on us.

Stand with Us

In Oregon, we are spending millions of dollars on new standardized tests. At the same time, we rank 2nd in the nation in largest class size and across the state we’ve lost valuable programs that make a difference for kids like art, music, P.E., library services, and vocational/career technical education. Building a better system of assessment is a crucial step toward creating the Oregon schools our students deserve.
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1 We believe education policy and decisions about how to improve schools should be guided by those closest to the classroom — teachers,parents, and local school leaders — not driven by corporate interests.

2We believe good assessments should be used to guide instruction, helping teachers understand where students are excelling and where they need more support. Improving student learning should be based on a more broad and whole assessment.

3We believe parents and teachers want students to do well. When the federal and state governments establish education and testing mandates, they need to provide the resources to help meet the new standards.

4We believe some of the most important things we must do to meet student needs and support meaningful learning include:

• Investing in smaller class sizes

• Restoring P.E., art, and music classes

• Engaging parents more fully in their child’s education

• Providing students career and technical education opportunities

• Providing every student the tools & opportunity to learn, wherever they live

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Education policy should be guided by those closest to the classroom – teachers, parents, and local school officials. If we’re serious about every child’s future, let’s get serious about doing what works. This means providing every school the resources to ensure that students have more one-on-one attention, inviting classrooms, and a well-rounded curriculum.

A Good Use of Class Time?


Oregon teachers report 33% of class time is spent preparing students to take state-mandated tests, and 25% of class time is spent prepping students to take district-mandated tests.

Parents & Teachers Have a Better Way

Oregon students and teachers need a better system of standardized tests that helps guide instruction and improve student learning. To that end, we are working on policy solutions that work for students, parents, and teachers. We are calling on Oregon policymakers to enact the following:

Create a students’ “Assessment Bill of Rights”

• Students are entitled to quality assessments

• Students know purpose of assessments and how results will be used

• Students are entitled to know learning targets that make up assessments

• Students understand difference between good and poor performance on an assessment

• Students are entitled to effective communication of their results

• Ensure student privacy and protection of personal data

• Give parents, students, and teachers timely access to assessment results

• Increase options for parents who want their children to opt out of standardized tests.

Create an educator-led review process of the CCSS to assess developmental appropriateness for students at each grade level and determine any necessary adjustments to the standards.

Provide additional time and resources for teacher and administrator professional development.

Allow local school district flexibility to pilot different approaches to student assessment based on sound assessment practices with an emphasis on teacher-developed classroom assessments that give teachers and students the feedback they need to ensure success in learning.
Remove the school and statewide ratings tied to the Smarter Balanced assessment from the Oregon Report Card until the Smarter Balanced assessment has been proven valid, reliable, and unbiased.

Adopt the new system of assessment that will be proposed by the Oregon Assessment Workgroup, made up of OEA members and other educators from across the state. This system will put the focus on teaching and learning.

Allow time for the proper implementation of Common Core State Standards. Field tests of the Smarter Balanced assessment should be completed to ensure it is an effective tool before moving forward with statewide implementation.

Oregon’s Students Need Us


When Oregon’s children succeed, Oregon succeeds. Investing in our children’s education is an investment in our future.

Together we can build the quality schools necessary to give every child the opportunity to succeed.

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